Well, I'm animating Food Fight, but I need voices, and maybe a few animators.


(Use Vocaroo, and link to the recording in the comments)

  • Celery: Sounds like a combination of Flower and Needle.
  • Soda: High voice.
  • Pizza: Sounds like OJ.
  • Wheaty: Sounds like Golf Ball and Ice Cube.
  • Cookie: High voice.
  • Pancake: Sounds like Ruby, but higher.
  • Waffle: ... are you serious
  • Lollipop: Girly voice.
  • Fudge: Droning, monotone voice. Like Noah from TDI.
  • Strawberry: LSP, but less... lumpy? Says 'like' randomly (Hi, like, I'm, like Strawberreh and I'm, like, pink)
  • Vanilla: Just a normal voice
  • Mint: Yang, but without the Italian accent.
  • Carrot: Harold, but higher and less annoying
  • Gummy: Heather

People that have gotten the part

None, but I'm voicing Pie and some other people.

Animation Casting

If you want to get the part, you must have Anime Studio, and you should animate a character walking, and stopping in the middle of the screen, saying This is a test (if you can't voice it then just make his/her lips move) and then walking off the screen. Use BFDI assets for the mouth, eyes, and limbs, and ask me on my message wall or PM me on chat for the characer's asset.