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    I'm animating Object Anarchy, but i need some voices, and possibly a co-animator or animator.

    Cell Phone- A very innocent and quiet voice, similar to Boat and Fluttershy from MLP.

    Newspaper- A serious voice that sounds like it does NOT play around. Sounds kinda like a father also.

    Drum- Me

    Credit Card- Me

    Fez- Voiced by Scooter

    Lamp- Voiced By Berry

    Eggs- Voiced by Me

    Bubblegum- Voiced by Bullet

    Boxers-Voiced by Berry

    Fedora- Voiced by Scooter

    Chainsaw- Voiced by Berry

    Skull- technically taken since she doesnt have a voice

    Milk-Voiced by Berry

    Lemonade- Voiced by Me

    Fudge- Voiced by Me

    Candy Cane- Voiced by Berry

    Wheel- Voiced by Tyran

    Sword- Voiced by Me

    Tablet- Voiced by Friend IRL


    You must have Anime Studio.

    You must be expirenced with drawing …

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